Sunday, August 5, 2007

Two bad guys in Superman 2? is reporting that Superman: The Man of Steel will have not one but two villains. Go to THIS LINK for the story.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say one of them is Lex Luthor. It's just a hunch. It's not like Lex is the ONLY villain anyone ever wants to use or anything, making it terribly predictable or anything. Nope, it's just a hunch.

Who the second one is is still anyone's guess. I doubt Brainiac, or Darkseid, or Mr. Myxleplik since Bryan Singer likes sucking the fun out of things.

In fact, since this is Bryan Singer we're talking about, he's probably just going to bring back Zod, and movie two will bomb, hard.

If you ask me, though, the biggest villain in the second movie will be the fact that they GAVE SUPERMAN A KID!!! How do you not have the damn kid not be a big part of this movie after having him at the center of the last one? And if you give him a big part, then how can the movie be any good?

I'm a li'l cranky today.

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