Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cap coming back...kinda...

So, Marvel went and released this Alex Ross painting on Sunday with news that Ross would be co-plotting and doing covers for a Cap-centric mini-series in 2008.

While the Internet was set ablaze, I trust all you knowledgeable Gaming Geek fans saw the arms at Steve Rogers' sides and know how Marvel is, so we all knew this was a Red Herring.

Today, a Newsarama Interview with Alex Ross HERE reveals that the project is actually a current continuity time-travel piece in which the 1942 Invaders come to the Marvel Universe.

Clearly not the return that some people wanted, but frankly, I'm happy that if Cap is dead, he is going to be staying dead at least through 2008. Ed Brubaker's post-death stories are fantastic, so I'm glad he has all the time he wants to bring the story to a slow boil.

And then I want Cap back.

But, about the Alex Ross mini-series itself, I love Ross' work, but it sounds awfully kooky to me. I mean, of the five invaders, two, Bucky and Namor, are still alive. And are we supposed to believe these five heroes seeing a not-so distant future they will be a part of, will have no effect on the future itself?

It will certainly make for some interesting moments, like when Johnny Storm meets Torch and Toro, and when Winter Soldier Bucky meets bright-eyed bushy-tailed Bucky -- but still, it all is quite kooky. A little Mysterious. Maybe even Spooky. Really, it's all-together ooky. Is that the right lyric? I never understood how something could be All-Together ooky.

But I digress.

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