Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wii-reless? (That's "Wireless" only with two i's to make it apply to Wii)

A buddy of mine (one of the same ones I mentioned when reviewing "Mario Strikers Charged") IMed me last night and told me about problems he is having with his Wii Wireless connectivity.

Apparently, for him and a couple of friends of his, when he plays "Strikers" with a Wireless connection, it lags like a tired old dog. He bought the Wired adapter and tried that connection and the lag was fixed.

He also said when playing people that use wireless he suffers through the lag, but playing wired foes the gameplay is fine again.

This sounds like a potentially major flaw in the Wii's construction.

I have not yet experienced this myself, but I am wondering if any of you out there have experienced similar Wireless Wii problems?


Russo said...
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Russo said...

I wouldn't call it a flaw... wireless just adds a good 20-50ms... if you want lag free then you want 40ms or lower. So basically the connection probably runs at around 60-70ms or higher. It is a pain especially when you're stoping megastrikes (which i only have problems with online).

Anyway I'm thinking about getting the adapter now too... Thanks for the post I was thinking as much but wanted to make sure.