Saturday, August 4, 2007

Team USA on NBA Live!!!

Apparently EA Sports has reached an agreement with FIBA to be the exclusive game that features the World Basketball Championships in NBA Live 08, complete with real rosters and names and player models and the whole chabang!

I love this news for two reasons:

1) One of my favorite goofy basketball games ever was 1992's Dream Team basketball for the Sega Genesis, which featured the World Championships and the Olympics with real International rosters and players like Toni Kukoc and Aryvidas Sabonis.

2) Finally, Pau Gasol and Spain can teach the world what basketball is all about! Viva Espana!

Of course, with the NBA news we got today about Juan Carlos Navarro coming to the Grizzlies, we'll basically get to see the Spanish National team 82 games a year anyway. All we need is for the Raptors to trade Jose Garbajosa to Memphis and we'll be set!

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