Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Bad, GL #22 is out

Earlier I reported, using info obtained from Upstate Comics, that Green Lantern #22 was pushed back to next week.

Clearly, I, an they, were mistaken. After numerous web reports on how the issue was out, I just sprinted over to the Dragon's Den to see for myself, and sure enough, Kyle Rayner's smiling face was right there. (Don't tell my bosses that I just left in the middle of my shift without telling anyone, just to get a comic...)

I dunno exactly what Upstate Comics was thinking, but this issue is certainly on the shelves Some Places.

Mind you, don't take this as a reflection on the new store located on Route 55 in Freedom Plains. The store is nice, the selection is great, and it's a good little shop that will only get better with time. This was an honest mistake on their part and mine, so don't hold it against the store when it comes time to buy your pile next week.

AND, to make it up to all of you, I'll have a review of this next step in the Sinestro War real soon.

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