Monday, August 20, 2007

Report on the 4400: "One of Us"

It's that time again -- time for an "I Told You So"! And I quote myself from last week's 4400 Report, on whether or not Lilly's return is real:

" My guess, unfortunately, is Richard only sees her as a 4400-induced delusion, possibly during an Isabelle recovery mission. "

Sadly, I wish this time I was wrong, but it seems I'm just never wrong on this show. OK, I am wrong more than I am right, I admit it, which is why this show always has me on the edge of my seat.

And before we get off the topic of Richard and Lilly's "reunion" -- I want to know exactly what that illusionist's powers are? Because he didn't seem like a normal illusionist, he knew what Richard was seeing, but not putting words or thoughts into Lilly's mouth, and Lilly sure seemed genuinely sincere thinking she was she.

It's either this character can facilitate communication with the dead -- not resurrect them, since Lilly was clearly an apparition, but communicate, OR he can simply make people view memories as if they are real. I hope I hope I hope it is the former.

Oh, but we haven't done the quick recap of the show, yet. In a nutshell, Tom got assimilated into the member of the Marked that was implanted into him (and it turns out he was the one who impregnated Lilly with Richard's seed), and he promptly captured Richard and the recently re-aged Isabelle. Meanwhile, Shawn and Jordan clashed again, as Jordan believes the shot needs to be a 50/50 chance sort of thing in order to prevent a haves vs. have-nots war.

My favorite part of this show, though, actually involved Kyle, who is starting to get sick and tired of doing Cassie's dirty work. You loyal readers know I have always been skeptical of whether or not Cassie and this White-Light religion are legit, and I really enjoyed watching Kyle start to see the light... no pun intended.

And now that Cassie has asked Kyle to silence Shawn, I'm hoping that Kyle comes to his senses some more.

But, back to Tom for a minute, the one misstep I think the writers made in this episode was letting Diana know immediately that Tom is a bad guy. I think they should have let Tom's take over breathe for one week, before Diana is tipped off (and that line Tom said "I heard the gunshot" when she hadn't shot her gun, you know it tipped her off).

But anyway, time to share some random thoughts...

1) I wonder if "Marked" is sexually transmitted? Megan better make Tom wear protection!

2) All along I thought Megan was a member of the Marked -- It's still possible, but it's looking doubtful. But, I was right that a boss from the government would be...

3) And, I thought Megan being a Marked would be the payoff to the tension between Diana and Megan -- well it seems that tension is going to be paid off with both of them having to work together to save Tom..

4) "I heard a gunshot" when there was no gunshot is Sooooo Cliche, you just knew Diana was going to see the truth in that scene

5) I'm going to miss Lilly, again

6) Kyle is learning the unfortunate truth at a young age -- women are always in charge.

7) What exactly would happen to Kyle's "power," though, if he rebelled and joined Shawn? Would she just drive him insane?

8) How bad will Shawn look if Burkoff's Theory suddenly proves false?

9) I wonder... does Isabelle have the ability to separate Tom from her former nemesis Matt Ross?

10) Last week I thought Burkoff's research might eliminate the division of Shawn and Collier... well I agree it makes much more sense that the two think completely opposite ways on this... and, to be perfectly honest, I kinda see Collier's point of view...

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