Sunday, August 26, 2007

Report on the 4400: "Ghost in the Machine"

I'm left with just one thought after watching this week's episode... What the heck was the point of the whole Tom storyline? I mean, sure, we got to see just how evil Marked Tom can be, and we got to see just how bad of an actor Marked Tom is (and at the same time, how good of an actor Joel Gretsch is) ... but, honestly, wasn't last week's gaff of "I heard the gunshot" enough to give away the truth to Diana?

This whole episode I was just waiting for Diana and waiting for Diana and waiting and waiting -- I mean, they showed the whole "Sleeping with the enemy" line in the commercial for next week, we knew it was coming!

The only real redeeming parts of the episode were A) Burkoff's abduction with subsequent Shawn badass moment, B) The mystery of Maia's parents, and why they are trying to get her to love Promise City, and C) The revelation last moment that the Marked plan to inhabit Collier.

Here's a Crazy Theory, though: What if, inhabiting a person with a 4400 ability would cause a Marked to die? Not only would Collier stay in control of his body, but then Tom Baldwin would be able to be fixed -- by getting the Shot!

Other than that, there really was nothing good about the past hour of my life. Easily, this was the weakest episode of the year.

Random thoughts, shall we?

1) Diana really didn't know Tom and Megan were sleeping together? Seriously?

2) If the Marked inhabit Collier, they could possess Collier's 4400 ability to take powers away (barring my theory)... that would possibly make a possible Fifth Season a whole lot more interesting...

3) And can we now agree that Cassie is evil? She orchestrated Isabelle's re-powering, and if Collier becomes Marked, she orchestrated a Marked leading the 4400 movement

4) Tess scenes make the best scenes... can't wait for the next episode in two weeks!

5) I gotta hand it to the writers for continuing to write creative promicin takers. This year we've had an autistic boy, a woman that stayed alive as a promicin power after her death, and now a man on life support!

6) I've a new favorite character, and you can guess who she is. Way to go Marco!

7) Kyle and Isabelle finally kiss. Another moment in this episode that was a foregone conclusion.

8) Isabelle is far more interesting without powers.

9) Why in the world do the people of Promise City keep trying to entangle Maia? I'm clueless!

10) My new theory on whether or not "the future" is actually the good guys... I think The actual future is not the 4400-laden Utopia we are supposed to believe it is. Rather, the future is still an ongoing 4400 vs. Human war, and the two sides have now made the past a second front in that war. And, if the show were to be allowed to run its course, the show would conclude in the not too distant future, with this war in full swing, and we would see the genesis of people being abducted into the future, as well as the genesis of the Marked going into the past to combat them -- and the show would come full circle. It's just a theory.

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