Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Buy Pile Report: Green Lantern

I told you I would be back early on to report on the goings on in the Sinestro Corps. War, and here I am. Green Lantern #22, unfortunately, was the most forgettable of the four parts of this series thus far.

It wasn't bad by any means, it was a darned good cog in this Big Ben sized clock. But, not too much happened. There was a lot more talk of fear, some real good Rayner vs. Jordan fighting, and we got a little bit of development for the relationship of Hal and the Lost Lanterns.

Still, all that really happened was that the Lost Lanterns saved Hal from certain doom fighting so many yellow-lighters, and the group is now in the bowels of Qward, looking for Guy, John Stewart and Ion.

The most interesting part of this book — though — we get to see what the big hitters are planning... kinda. We get a page with Superboy Prime staring at the Earth. We get a page with Anti-Monitor plotting with Hank Henshaw, and we learn that all ole' Cyborg wants nowadays is to die.

It was good overall, certainly worth reading... but just not jaw-droppingly good.

I'll be back in a couple hours with the rest of the Buy Pile... you know, after I do my actual job and layout Thursday's Sports section.

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